Fragment is a non-profit organisation based in the Northern Czech Republic. Focusing on the history and stories from the Sudetenland, we aim to bring together people from different cultures and countries and promote shared democratic and social values.

The organisation was established in 2011 to preserve the rich history of the village of Srbska, formerly Wunschendorf, located close to today’s border with Poland, and to present that history to the people of the Frydlantsko region and beyond. Since 2012 Fragment has maintained a permanent exhibition, in its own museum, based on the history of the Sudetenland in the village. Through social and cultural events for local communities, Fragment helps raise awareness of issues relating to social and democratic values through awareness of the history of the Sudetenland. Since our official opening we have held live music events, sports tournaments and community events in the local church. A strong relationship has been established with the families of former residents of the village, exiled after 1946.

The motto of our organization is ‘A small village in a big history’.

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